The only passenger to fly: 400 British women enjoy charter services

BEIJING, Oct. 25 – According to reports, the 57-year-old Greaves (KaronGrieve) 22 aboard the flight cheap airline JET2 by the Glasgow to Crete。 Airlines said three people had booked the flight seat, but two other passengers did not take advantage of the day。
Eventually, the plane can take only 189 airliner Greaves a passenger to buy a ticket and she spent only 46 pounds。
Greaves was seated in the front row of the wide position, the feet have more room to stretch out, the captain also special for her as navigation, during the flight flew over what country they are introduced, and remind her to enjoy lightning storms。
In addition, Greaves also received free meals and drinks reception。
Greaves said, because now is the holiday season, she already knows there are not many people on the plane, just like when she was aboard the same flight last year only eight passengers, but she did not expect to "charter"。
Editor: Fei Fan。