China wheelchair curling team into the finals Pyeongchang Winter Paralympics

  South Korea Gangneung March 16 (Reporter Zhang Ximin) Chinese wheelchair curling team defeated 16th in Pyeongchang Winter Paralympics wheelchair curling semi-final Canadian team into the finals, to achieve a historic breakthrough。
  Pyeongchang Winter Paralympics wheelchair curling tournament total of 12 teams participating in the round robin tournament, the Chinese team after another victory over Sweden, Germany, Finland, Norway, Switzerland, Slovakia, Russia, the United Kingdom, the United States team, and only lost to Canada Korea。   Chinese team start the game flip serve, both teams played cautious。 The fourth Chinese team played well with 3: 1 ahead of the competition。 Chinese team start the second half to play mad, the other party to seize the opportunity to score, the two sides tied 3: 3 level。
  Deciding game Chinese team played well, in the other case almost sealed all lines, four-base Haitao last ball to the center, the Chinese team final 4: 3 victory over the Canadian team achieved the best results in winter Paralympics。
Tomorrow, the Chinese team will compete for the championship with the Norwegian team。