A memory of the blooming time

When you first view, you shy from the earth like a lotus, Qing Lian without demon deep in my mind, then, I carries an enthusiasm to my eyes bet you deeply, but you not found, you just politely every time I passed by, leaving you that murmured greetings, I started, first burst of trance, and then when I realized that you pay attention, you've quietly gone away from my side, I'm embarrassed to look back, with your back straight and smiled, then happily ran back seat, quietly think back to the moment just。In my memory, that you is an unforgettable memory。  We are not a living space, which is destined to always keep the distance between you and me out of my memory ten meters, but this distance I doing complex mental activity between classes and after class each day, it makes me It has gone through a long marathon of anxious waiting。When the bell rings, the corridor there will always be my shadow。It was a bright summer, you're wearing a white dress in my sight, like a princess come to earth like, around the streets on earth。When you pass, your bright let my body and mind feel bright, I look at you, not too much expression, because could not bear the surprise in my mind scurrying, afraid to disturb you, but also disturb the your beauty and freedom。  A memory of a time to seize。。。。。。  In the debris of time, the distance is so poor and the real。Then the days you meet my television show is like that, not too much of the plot, and only nodded and shook his head habits。You nodded to me the most is the language, I shook my head is your most silent expression。You said in the evening after a nobody, you marching in step, pick up shells like a little girl running on a long coastline, then the sunset shining clouds especially like the fairy tale of Cinderella, but I do not see been to, I just obediently listen to your words, and then make an understanding of the expression, you smiled and happily told me a lot of stories。  That sunset was beautiful, very slow time……  See you again when you leave my distance just as the left hand and right hand between like that, you say I am very pleased to be at the same table, my heart flutter a bit, and then clean up the desktop clutter of books to help you make room, you looked at me, smiled, and then habitually phrase thank you。You're always so kind, then I can not help with your care from this sentence, you say this is polite, I said this is the distance, like a fly, but the sea butterfly-like as boring and regret……Unfortunately, you do not have too many words, just squeezed my arm hard, then made a grimace at me, when my heart is at sixes and sevens。  Goodbye, whether never seen?  That is so like weekdays silence, like I was scheduled appear in the school playground, but you do not appear。I waited and waited and did not wait for your arrival。I went back to the classroom, waiting for you to continue to figure in my field of vision, then I'm happy to smile at you, you waved came forward, finished school, talk to me, this process repeatedly surfaced in my mind, until the bell rang for the first class, second class bell rang……Until school, school, entering high school, college……You do not appear in the morning and the familiar corner, never fall in my right hand and the distance between the left hand, my inquiries a lot of people, but they shook his head the way that you always seem to come in the way to school, but this road is too long, that I never see your shadow……  Memory blooming of time, one day afternoon, I saw your epitaph, crying looks like most of my appearance at birth。