Smart accumulation funds adverse economic rebound is expected to strengthen the capital of the north layout 10 shares | Hengrui Medicine

  ■ reporter Mo late trading point by virtue of the precise and unique selection of stock picking ability has always been north of the capital movements are widespread concern in the market, buy low sell high and its operation is seen on the floor relish topic of。   In this regard, analysts said, has a relatively mature investment philosophy north of funds, on the one hand, are better at capturing the structural market potential investment opportunities, on the other hand, buy low sell high success rate is based north of funds, its inverse City operations often become the trend of changes in the direction of short-term market leader, therefore, to understand the north capital "smart money" of short-term flows have a high reference value to the actual operation。   And yesterday, north of funds re-emergence of the market trend and reverse operation in the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock index both two callback background, Shanghai shares through funds net inflow billion net inflow of funds through the deep femoral billion, the amount of the north a total of approximately one hundred million yuan。
It is worth mentioning that yesterday was not the first time this week north of funds reverse operation, which, in the two cities rose slightly in March 20 backgrounds, Shanghai shares through, deep through all share net outflow of cash, and the next day the two cities the index also confirms a callback or north for the current financial market turmoil ability to grasp the higher prices。   From the Shanghai stock through deep shares through ten Huoyue Gu situation, such as yesterday ,,,, Huoyue Gu north of funds turnover was over 500 million yuan, the net purchase amount from the point of view, through shares in Shanghai yesterday, shares deep pass total 20 Huoyue Gu, a total of 10 funds bought a net realized northward, the total amount billion specifically, Moutai (million), Hengrui medicine (million) and other two funds net bought stocks yesterday north both in the amount of 2 billion yuan, and Hikvision ,,,,,, seven stocks yesterday north of the net purchase amount of funds have more than 50 million yuan, in addition, yesterday bought a net realized capital north。
  Judging from the market, with the 10 stocks subject to the general layout of the north of funds with the market correction yesterday, only CITIC Securities to achieve adverse economic rise, up%, and Hikvision, Hengrui Medicine, Vanke A, Guizhou Maotai, Shuanghui development, Shuijingfang other stocks underperformed yesterday, the Shanghai Composite index, fell more than%。
  In this regard, analysts said yesterday afternoon, the stock index on Friday is expected to enhance the recovery bottoming out against the market trend and clever layout to a certain extent on the capital market, but the underlying fundamentals of a solid industry leader, not only the share price downside is limited, and more have the opportunity to achieve steady gains in the index rebounded。
  And by the recent rating agencies view the 10 stocks in the last 30 days are subject to more than four or four agencies jointly recommended, in which China International Travel Service, China Vanke A recently received respectively 22, 10 agencies promising. In addition, Kang Granville as (9), Hengrui medicine (9), Shuanghui development (9), Moutai (7) and other stocks were also a number of agencies promising in seven and above, investment opportunities are widely recognized。