Dow fell more than 300 points of data loss induced Facebook shares fell nearly 7%

Tencent securities FRANCISCO, March 20 morning news, US stocks opened low on Monday, the Dow closed down more than 300 points, the Nasdaq fell nearly 2%, subject to Facebook's stock fell nearly 7 percent, dragged down the company admitted 5000 million users of information leakage to third parties。 Upcoming Federal Reserve meeting on interest rates also make some investors away from the market。 Facebook last week acknowledged that a Trump helped win the US presidential election, called CambridgeAnalytica data analysis company to obtain information about illegal 50 million Facebook users in 2016, this incident could become the largest in the history of information leak case one。 US and European government officials are now required to respond to Facebook's company。 European Parliament main Xitayani (AntonioTajani) said on Monday that the EU will investigate whether members of more than 50 million Facebook user data misuse。 PivotalResearch BrianWieser analyst for CNBC, said that the recent events will not form on FB visible negative impact on business, but reflect a systemic problem exists of the company, facing the future continued to improve enterprise risk, or drive down technology stocks。
Information leading technology stocks collective slump, Facebook shares fell nearly 7%, Google down 3% parent company of the alphabet, Amazon fell nearly 2%, Apple fell%。 Market also pay close attention to the results of the Fed FOMC meeting on interest rates on Wednesday (March 21) announced, as well as new Chairman Powell's first correspondents conference。 According to the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, CME futures trading federal funds rate to calculate interest rates may rise to 94% by 25 basis points in March, basically belong to the "virtual certainty"。 More than three times to raise interest rates this year may rise to 34%, 24% a month ago。
"From now on market pricing point of view, traders expect the Fed to raise interest rates at Wednesday's meeting on possibilities%。
So now the market is focusing on the so-called 'bitmap', which will give members of the Federal Open Market Committee is expected for the end of this year and next year will reach what level of interest rates。 "Marshall Georgi Teller investment, research director of FXPRIMUS (MarshallGittler) wrote in a research note。 "I expect that the Commission will revise upward interest rate expectations for next year, and is likely to revise upwards the interest rate forecast for this year, which will support the formation of the dollar。
"RBCCapitalMarkets strategists SueTrinh believe Powell is closely watched press conference, but his position may not be very different from a few weeks ago with the debut of congressional hearings。
The current market pay close attention to the views of Fed officials to raise interest rates during the year the number of bitmap expected。 At the same time, since this month, investors have been worried about the problem of a global trade war could erupt。
At present, the government is promoting Trump tariffs on steel and aluminum。 In addition to the internal personnel turbulence of the White House, the government also deep worries Trump "on Russia's door" survey。
US President Trump on Sunday night (March 18) bursts of several special push, accusing the special prosecutor Mill "on the Russian gate" investigation team full of hard-line Democrats, not a Republican, for special Trump is not fair。 He also denied being expelled from the FBI secretly recorded the deputy director AndrewMcCabe any dialogue with Trump。 Wall Street knowledge mentioned, Mueller next direction of the investigation will focus on whether Trump judicial intervention, if verified will lead to impeachment threat。 RBCCapitalMarkets strategy director LoriCalvasina US stocks on CNBC, said Washington into more recent evidence rather than the homeopathic market headwinds, Washington, US stocks bull market turmoil will "lame front line" Year of the Ox, but without prejudice to the main stock index hit a new high in the near future may。 Therefore, we recommend investors hold on the whole optimistic, not pessimistic easily。