Eczema causes of these things carefully

What is the cause of eczema is very common, especially in the rainy season, or in some humid areas, it is prone to eczema。
Then Specifically, the cause of eczema in the end, what does the following small series to tell us something about what are the causes of eczema, a few things must be careful oh!Eczema causes of external factors such as environment, climate change, food can affect the occurrence of eczema。
External stimuli such as sunlight, cold, dry, hot, hot water wash and a variety of animal fur, plants, cosmetics, soaps, rayon, etc. can induce。
Is a delayed type hypersensitivity caused by complex internal and external factors。 1, are allergic to sheep milk, fish, shrimp, eggs and other food allergies are likely to suffer from eczema。
2, over-eating leads to excessive consumption of food; too much sugar, resulting in abnormal intestinal fermentation; glare; intestinal parasites these are factors that could cause eczema disease, so we need to understand in time。
3, allergens stimulate breast to exposure to allergens factors or eating certain foods, affect the baby through breast milk; soap, cosmetics, fur fibrils ,, paint stimulation; this is also an important factor in disease caused by eczema。
4, also has a genetic predisposition to hereditary eczema。 Worth noting that eczema may also be caused due to genetic, so when suffering from eczema must be timely understanding of its causes, timely treatment。 One of the important reasons for the cause of 5, environmental factors, many studies have confirmed eczema environmental factors is increasing the prevalence of eczema。 Environmental groups including environment and individual environments, environmental factors on human population refers to a wide range of outdoor air, water, soil, radioactive sources, vegetation pollen allergens large area, a large area source of airborne bacteria and the like。
Individual small environment refers to the individual living environment, because of people's lives about 2/3 of the time indoors, therefore, affect the individual small environment closer to eczema。
1.Synthetic fabrics, leather products, clothing and related printing bleach agents, brighteners, moth agents, preservatives, environment resistance and the like modern clothing strong allergen。
2.Chemical fuel combustion gases produced, automotive manufacturing environment, boats, aircraft materials, asphalt road, roadside green plants of pollen and other allergens modern transportation。
3.Artificial construction elements electromagnetic radiation, chemical coatings, plastics, rubber, artificial fibers, adhesives, waterproofing agents, home and office electronic equipment generated, clean room, insecticides features of modern living environmental allergens。 For more information, please visit 6681 health network!。