How different effects of different scraping plates scraping plates chosen for their

We have to spend time scraping scraping plates, There are many types of scraping plates, many people do not know how to choose。
In fact, scraping plates of different materials have different effects, and people with different physical scraping plates are not the same, then it should be how to choose scraping plates?A look at it。 Select scraping board Prerequisites: In general, any blunt edges and sleek would be free, combs, porcelain spoon, scraping plates (material must also pay attention)。 However, to be noted that the size and thickness, not scratch fever too thick, too thin, easy to hurt the skin; their size is usually less than adult hands, easy to grip, the principle of the force。 In addition to scraping plates, but also a syrup or oil, it will not hurt the skin; lubricant optional special potion, or Green Oil, snake oil, baby oil, or safflower containing scraping root, angelica formula pastes, directly or safflower oil, sesame oil, and even water may be。 Skin Beauty: jade scraping plates Chinese experts said that if looking bad people want to play by scraping skin care, skin and other cosmetic effects, recommended jade scraping plates。
When scraping beauty regimen, to make use of scraping milk having a cosmetic effect, as a lubricant。 How different effects of different scraping plates scraping plates to choose their own Shu by promoting blood circulation: Stone scraping plates line of poor, dysmenorrhea, abdominal pain, chest discomfort who want to reach scraping Shu meridians, promoting blood circulation and pain and other illnesses health effects, suggested stone scraping plates, scraping scraping activating blood circulation when used as a lubricant to。
This is because Stone material, containing a variety of trace elements beneficial to human body, the human body and can produce a large friction ultrasonic pulses having meridians, temperature and co-yang, Stasis and pain, by cold dampness, sedative given shock and other effects。 Detoxification: buffalo scraping plates throat, constipation, high fever, dry mouth, urine and others, to achieve by scraping detoxification, blood stasis effect, can be used buffalo scraping plates, scraping the oil as a lubricant to。 This is because the buffalo horns substitute traditional Chinese medicine, cold, bitter and salty, with heat, cooling blood, detoxification and other effects。 How different effects of different scraping plates scraping plates chosen for their horns on a number of considerations scraping plates material price is generally between a few dollars to tens of dollars, to buy time to pay attention to the thickness and polished smooth extent, thickness is generally cm appropriate between。 Jade scraping plates very good effect, but the price is very high, a good chunk of jade plates, the price of a few hundred dollars to a thousand dollars, but due to the disadvantage of being brittle, not very high price。
Beeswax scraping plates almost the same price and horns scraping plate, by artificial repression, it is very smooth surface, for later should pay attention to whether a plastic fake。
Choice of scraping plates, but also to control the force, too heavy too light is not good。