Spring Festival how to eat bad stomach do not eat these up

Chinese New Year is a day of celebration, we were always going to gather together to eat a rich feast, lavish meals and excessive burden it may cause stomach。
So the New Year how to eat it remind Xiao Bian, bad stomach do not eat these up!All food into our mouths go through the stomach to digest, but the pressures of daily life, but also to socialize busy, a lot of people do not pay attention to the stomach, indiscriminate diet, frequent stomach pains, gastric ulcer, repent。 1, mint mint will relax the esophageal sphincter, which is an important cause of stomach acid。
Shang Wei mint, mint not only to eat, but also to eat a variety of foods including mint, such as peppermint tea drink less and less chewing mints, mint gum, etc.。 Spring Festival how to eat bad stomach do not eat these two, soda pop is an irritant relatively large beverage, it can stimulate the stomach, causing stomach upset; the amount of juice to drink contribute to good health, but usually juice contains a lot of sugar, excessive drinking, it will also increase the burden on the stomach, causing bloating, stomach pains and other problems。 3, coffee beans and coffee beans classes and who can not stomach is to eat foods。
Beans contain oligosaccharides, easy to digest, easy to cause intestinal gas。
Coffee will stimulate the stomach, leading to excessive secretion of gastric acid, can cause indigestion and pantothenic acid, also easy to Shang Wei。
4, broccoli and tomato broccoli and tomato stomach is not good people should eat foods。 Broccoli contains soluble dietary fiber, which can only be broken down in the large intestine, and produce large amounts of gas, good for the stomach。
Spring Festival how to eat bad stomach do not eat these tomatoes is a highly acidic foods that can irritate the stomach produces too much acid, containing acid reflux, heartburn symptoms people can not or try to eat foods。
5, greasy food greasy food contains a lot of calories, easy to digest, but also blocking the absorption of nutrients, is completely eliminate the need for patients with stomach food; excessive intake of cold drinks, can cause the temperature inside the stomach is too low, it will affect the secretion of gastric acid and the action of digestive enzymes。