Spear 42 points away Toronto Pickle pass 10 + 25 + 6 Walker 1-2

  Ticker on April 22, Raptors to 101-85 win over the Pacers on the road, with a total score of 2-1。   Kyle – Lori 8 of 21 shots, scored 21 points and eight assists, DeMar – DeRozan shot 7 of 19, 21 points, they hit rate is not high, but compared to two in front have not a small improvement。
Del Mar – Carroll scored 17 points, 5 rebounds, Yunus – Varin Qiuna Si 9 points and 14 rebounds。 Off the bench Corey – Joseph 10 points, Bismarck – Billon Bo 6 points and 8 rebounds。
  "Pickle" – Paul George Pacers scored 25 points, 10 rebounds and six assists, George – Hill 13 points off the bench Myers – Turner 17 points and eight rebounds, Solomon – Hill 8 points。 Pacers-pointers in only 6 of 22 shots, the audience mistakes 16 times。
[] The Raptors lost the first battle, lost the home advantage。
Today, their first away from home, snatch away something of their own。
  Previously two games, DeRozan and Lori both the state average, and today the two hit rate is still not high, but a few minutes before the opening, but DeRozan feel hot。 The first three of his shots, scored seven points, while starting Carol also showed positive, the Raptors 14-9 to start。
Previously two games, DeRozan hit rate of only 27% in the first quarter and today he scored 12 points, leading the Raptors to 24-17。 George first section had 8 points, but eat a technical foul。
  Raptors starting center Kovalam Qiu Nasi into foul trouble, but fortunately replace him Billon Bo played well, the Raptors opened the gap in the second quarter。
After this section there are 7 minutes and 40 seconds, Ross hit the third, the Raptors scored seven points to lead 38-21。 Walker hit rate decline is widening the gap between the two sides, this section there are 2 minutes, DeRozan hit two free throws, the Raptors 53-30 lead with 23 points。
Walker scored six points to end this section, three quarters to 36-53 behind。 DeRozan had 16 points for Houston, Kyle Lowry scored 9 points and 6 assists, shooting only walkers%, and 11 errors。   The second half of the Raptors hit rate also fell, the third of their first 14 shots in only 3, however, they still maintain double-digit advantage, because the Pacers hit rate is not high。
More than half of this section, George – Hill hit three-pointers, the Pacers will recover as the score 47-60。
Carroll shot twice, including a record third, the Raptors state has improved。
After this section there are 2 minutes and 45 seconds, DeRozan driving layup, leading the Raptors to 67-49。 After three sessions, the Pacers can only recover as the score 59-71。
  While away from home, but there are a lot of Raptors fans came to cheer the fourth quarter they shouted "Come Raptors"。 The Raptors did not disappoint them, Lowry and Patterson have hit the third, they wave 12-4 start this section, in one fell swoop to 83-63 obtain 20 points of advantage。 Pacers in the pre-holiday four minutes, only to hit a ball, then back to feel the heat, Solomon – Hill hit a three-pointers, George continuous attack the basket。 Competition also 3 minutes and 29 seconds, George – two in Hill made two free throws, the Pacers will recover as the score 77-91。
  After the two sides opened the gap, Pacers fans already began to exit。
Competition also 2 minutes 54 seconds, George hit three-pointers, the Pacers to 80-93 behind, but they were unable to narrow the gap to single digits, but to accept defeat at home。