Men bowel bleeding how the matter might be the onset of colorectal cancer

Many men in the entertainment drinking blood in the stool, do not think is a big mistake。
I considered to be bleeding caused by the pressure to drink late at night lit。 In fact, men stool bleeding may be hemorrhoids or rectal polyps。
Men should draw attention, early detection, early treatment。 So, men stool bleeding is how it happened?Let's take a closer look。
Men bowel bleeding how going on: 1, hemorrhoids blood in the stool: generally occurs after a bowel movement, was sprayed out of, or in and after the blood, bleeding bright red blood and stool do not mix, ranging from the amount of bleeding, may be associated with anal foreign body sensation or pain。 2, blood in the stool anal fissure: and after defecation or bleeding in the blood, blood in the stool less, color red, silky surface covering the stool after defecation or defecation anal pain。
Men fecal matter how bleeding episodes 3 may be colorectal cancer, colorectal polyps: blood in the stool or bleeding after a bowel movement, they are generally much blood, not mixed with the stool, blood in the stool attached to the surface, bright red。
Chronic may be mixed with mucus or pus。
Sometimes a thin strip shape tapering stool。