Chinese tourists killed in Phuket alone diving expert: the seas should not dive

January 22, according to Chinese news report, Thailand, January 18, Phuket, Thailand, police received a report said Chinese tourists have drowned in the waters of Karon Beach。 It has been understood that the deceased is 31-year-old Chinese man, with his family before the incident came to Karon Beach。 Wife of the deceased said that before the incident, the deceased wearing scuba gear to dive into the sea to play, about 50 meters away from the shore, and family members sitting on the beach is fine。
But 40 minutes later, have not seen the dead come back, family members may feel an accident, then turned to relief workers on the beach。
After 20 minutes of search and rescue, the deceased's body was only found。
Police initially estimated, due to the waves was too large to allow the deceased diving equipment malfunction or fall off, eventually leading to its victims。 According to sources, the waters near Karon Beach is not suitable for playing diving project, together with the deceased was alone in the sea, so it can increase the risk coefficient。 Editor: Lirui Chen, Fei Fan。