A water spreading feet, seven days to expel moisture (1)

  Chinese medicine: a relieving drugs, have to get rid of in the cold, help yang effect。As we all know, it can fend off the cold water, but can promote sleep, enhance human immunity。
If at the feet, plus a pepper, I believe the effect will be better!  The most obvious effect is the prevention of colds, flu outbreak more serious especially when the effect of Leverage!Prevention, and very effective。
Although the pepper condiment, but also medicines, sterilization, disinfection, analgesic effect for feet, anti-odor, sweat, athlete's foot, good results!  In addition, with swelling effect for leg swelling caused by kidney deficiency, pepper has a good supporting role, but it should be noted that: because of the pungent and hot, female menstrual period should not use pepper feet of water, or it may aggravate the symptoms of dysmenorrhea; and feet of water should not be too hot, too much water can lead to foot congestion, and lack of heart, brain, kidney, blood, and dizziness symptoms。  Suitable Yi Shi stomach and abdominal cold pain, loss of appetite, vomiting water, bowel pond will human consumption; take (their method can be used pepper 6:00 appropriate weaning breastfeeding women?15 grams of water was added 400?500 ml soaked before cooking concentrated to 250 ml, then add brown sugar 50?100 grams daily for 1 second, 1?3 times to return to milk); suitable for the elderly, the women cold amenorrhea and dysmenorrhea cold, cold wet arthritis are edible; suitable ascariasis abdominal pain, kidney deficiency, by eating more frequent urination。
  Eat 1, wang people eat 2, pregnant women eat。  3, unfit for human consumption menstrual period menstrual period should eat light, flat taste, nutrient-rich foods, should not eat strong irritant spicy food, so as not to stimulate blood vessels to dilate, causing as excessive。, Cloves, pepper these foods are condiments, usually when cooking, put some vegetables can taste better。However, women in the menstrual period, but these should not eat spicy food, otherwise easily lead to dysmenorrhea, menorrhagia embolism。