Vitamin è é how skin-dimensional pearl powder can be added with

Vitamin é how skin care?Many people know that vitamin?Have a good skin care effect, then you know what vitamins?How do skin care?The following small series to tell you about how skin care vitamins é。
Vitamins?How skin 1, take appropriate pearl powder, honey, natural vitamin E, to reconcile with the amount of mineral water。 2, uniformly spreads in the face, wash with warm water and wait 15 minutes。 3, this method of whitening effect is obvious, especially with vitamin?Use, not only white, but also make the skin moist and delicate。 Pearl powder has obvious whitening effect, make the skin smooth vitamins é, both white and delicate skin, dilute the spot has formed。
1.Drying winter season, only natural vitamin é pierce soft capsule coat, mixed drop lotion or cream, which was applied to the site of need to maintain。 2.In a particularly dry season, after bathing, the mixed use with vitamin é skin care lotion, from the skin to avoid drying。 3.Long insisted that make the skin moist, white。
This method is particularly suitable for women working in the long-term indoor air conditioning。
Many pregnant mothers to prevent stretch marks will appear stretch marks, leaving unsightly scars。 Mothers in six months or so can be used to vitamin?To rub belly to enhance the elasticity of the skin, so that a long stretch marks easily。 Vitamins?How skin care vitamins?The cosmetic results have been favored by many women, there are many women now are able to whiten asks vitamin ancestral cream, anti-aging, so it Can be directly applied to the face painted on the face will not play a role in the removal of scar do we explore the effect of vitamins to the skin caused by the same time, we should also look at amino acids and some vitamins are transformed from amino acids coming。
Therefore, while we also need to add vitamin amino acid é a fat-soluble vitamins vitamin Oh, if it is used to select the painted face, preferably at night, daytime face oily coating readily adsorbed dust in the air。 Vitamin applied to the face can play a moisturizing and go Chudou India, and oral plus topical can play a freckle effect。
Natural Vitamin é able to repair and reinforce the skin's natural protective barrier to lock moisture, providing deep nourishment from the inside out, transforming coarse skin, the skin for a long time to keep moist, shiny, smooth and supple。