The beginning of spring equinox five custom of eating eggs, Haruna

What are the five practices?Today is the annual spring equinox, day and night are the same length of day, that we do understand the five custom Equinox?What are the five custom network today night to talk about it with you is the spring equinox?Five custom Equinox 1, the egg is said that in the annual spring equinox day, around the world will be tens of millions of people are doing "and the egg" test。As early as 4000 years ago, the Chinese have a traditional spring discrete eggs, it was to celebrate the arrival of spring。
Then gradually evolved into a tradition of pray for good luck。
Want to succeed "and the egg", you can choose a smooth, well-proportioned, just gave birth to four or five days fresh, try to erect it on a flat table,。Although a lot of losers, but also a lot of winners。
It was explained that this with the "Equinox" Earth and the Earth's axis was tilted degree of the Earth's orbit around the sun plane just in a state of relative equilibrium of force, very beneficial "and the egg"。
It is said that a firm eggs without outside interference, can keep the ten days does not fall。2, eat Haruna in some areas of the South, there is not a custom of the festival day of the vernal equinox, called "vernal equinox eat Haruna"。"Haruna" is a wild amaranth, local people call it "Spring Bi Artemisia"。Spring score of the day, people have to pick Haruna。When searching in the field, the more common is green, thin trees, about the length of that slap in the face。
Five custom equinox of spring vegetables generally taken back home with fish "soup", the name "Spring soup"。There are a folk jingle this description: "Spring soup filling dirty, wash enterohepatic; the whole family young and old, safe and healthy。"The spring, the vernal equinox on the occasion of the arrival in。
The face of all things germinate, it is natural to pray for a peaceful family home, bodied up。
3, Chun Ji February vernal equinox, the beginning of grave worship, also offering Jiaochun。Folk should first be held before the grand ancestral grave in the ancestral rites, butcher, slaughter, please drummers playing, read the funeral oration by the ceremonial, with rows and three lead gift。
Grave vernal equinox starts, first sweeping festival and the founding ancestor of our ancient ancestors graves, the whole family and the whole village to be deployed, large-scale, often team up to hundreds or even thousands of people。
After the founding ancestor of our ancient ancestors and the tomb Saowan and housing allocation each room offering sweeping ancestors graves, and finally various private family tomb sweeping festival。