Lamb donkey and loach, kidney winter men eat six kinds of meat (1)

  Male kidney food, different seasons have something different, going into the cold of winter, the men ate it in the winter kidney yang?There are a lot of male friends will think of kidney yang food only meat, is it really?In fact, not necessarily Oh, kidney yang foods diet is a lot to choose from, and today we take stock of what it。  Winter men kidney yang six kinds of meat lamb: "Herbal Supplements", the lamb and ginseng par, that it is warming, physical, strong body of meat products。Modern nutrition also confirmed that, not only nutrient-rich lamb, also contains trace hormones, indeed an aphrodisiac。However, mutton not with vinegar, tea with food, otherwise it will reduce aphrodisiac effect, produces tannic acid protein, causing constipation。
  Donkey: As the saying goes: "heavenly dragon meat, ground donkey"。Donkey delicate taste, is a high-protein, low-fat meat。Chinese medicine believes that donkey with a blood tonic, nourishing the liver and kidney of efficacy。
Adult male donkey can eat to improve liver and kidney deficiency caused by the waist and knees, the erection weakness and other symptoms。
  Quail: crisp and tender quail meat is not only delicious and nutritious。Quail eggs, quail, and contains many essential amino acids, inorganic salts, etc.。With replenishing kidney, strong role of the waist, nourishing Taeshina。Men's regular consumption can improve energy, increase sexual desire。
  Dog: In some parts of our country and nation, some people like to eat dog meat。Dog warm, with the role of kidney yang, warm the stomach and spleen。Cold season eat dog meat can not only keep out the cold, but also for impotence, premature ejaculation have a therapeutic effect。
But some people think that dog is man's most faithful companion, the best eat or not eat dog meat。
  Pigeon: pigeon, also known as "jack" male and female mating is frequent, strong reproductive capacity。
And pigeon pigeon eggs rich in nutrients protein, chondroitin, vitamins and iron, zinc, etc.。Having Bushentianjing effect of yang qi。The pigeon, pigeon eggs and steamed medlar with soup or eat, make more effective penile erection。
  Loach: loach rich in high quality protein, calcium, phosphorus, iron, vitamins and niacin。
Buzhongyiqi having, in Bushenshengjing。
  In addition, there are other foods can also be kidney oh。
  Other food walnut winter men kidney impotence: pills made from walnut aspirate, as "Viagra" substitute。
Chinese medicine believes that Martha study found walnuts have aphrodisiac is not surprising, because Chinese medicine books already recorded it can be "kidney and brain."。Contemporary Chinese medicine commonly used walnut medicine, or as a diet to achieve the purpose of kidney brain。
  Almonds: Almonds are a major source of fatty acids, these are very important because they provide the required body of male hormones in order to ensure their health。In addition, the smell of almonds will arouse the passions of the female instinct。Try lighting some almond smell of candles, fiddle with her emotions, then enjoy some of the delicious almond yourself, provide for a while after sex life for their energy。  Leek: leek seed agent is excited with solid fine role yang, kidney, treatment with warm lassitude, etc., suitable for impotence, seminal emission, polyuria and other diseases。Leek seed with powdered every morning and evening, each serving 15 grams, water delivery service, effective treatment of impotence。With leek roots, dextrose orally, can cure night sweats, spontaneous perspiration。
  Green onions: Onions has been seen as the incarnation of love and sexual desire, green onions in a variety of vitamins to ensure the normal secretion of the human hormone, can effectively stimulate the libido, so "yin and yang"。Modern medical research shows that onions of various vitamins can guarantee the normal human hormones, so yang yin。
  Finally, ultimately, it is the kidney yang therapeutic side, continue to learn to understand it。  Winter men kidney yang therapeutic side yam mutton soup Ingredients: lamb five hundred grams, one hundred and fifty grams of yam, ginger, onion, pepper, rice wine, salt amount。  Method: Wash the lamb cuts into the boiling pot, boiled to the blood; ginger washed knife broke standby; yam sheet of water saturated with lamb pot placed together, into the amount of water, together with other ingredients into the pot, boil after the switch to simmer and stew Shulan eat。
  Efficacy: fill the stomach, lung and kidney benefits。  Chicken soup Ingredients: chicken breast 75 g, 15 g of ham, mushrooms 15 g, 1 egg, 20 g of starch, 375 g of broth。  Method: The chicken breasts cut wire, into egg white, starch mix well, after placed in boiling water slightly withdrawn into the hot soup; ham mushrooms silk yarn into the pot along with the broth, salt, pepper stir till boiling soup, into the inside of the chicken soup can be installed。
  Loofah tomato soup Ingredients: loofah five hundred grams, three tomatoes, one hundred grams of rice, onion ginger, salt, MSG。
  Method: gourd, peeled, cut into small pieces, washed and cut into small pieces alternate tomatoes。Wash rice into the pot, the amount of water was poured into the boil on the fire, change Simmer eight mature into gourd, onion ginger, salt boil porridge cooked, put tomatoes, MSG slightly stew Serve。
  Effect: heat, lung, Sheng Jin Chufan。
(People with acne can be long-term consumption) man winter kidney yang diet should be combined with the actual situation to choose oh。