[How to make coconut jelly]_ production method _ practice Daquan


[How to make coconut jelly]_ production method _ practice Daquan

In the summer, everyone will try to learn a lot of small desserts that give priority to clearing heat and clearing the heat in summer. The making methods of these small desserts are relatively simple, so you can make them at home with conditions.

Coconut jelly is a very good dessert choice, because the main raw material used to make coconut jelly is coconut. For those who like to eat coconut, don’t miss it. Let’s learn how to make coconut jelly together today.

The practice of coconut jelly The practice of coconut jelly One raw material: 1 coconut gelatine slice 15g coconut water 300g milk 200g coconut milk 20g sugar 30g practice 1 prepare coconut and other materials 2 pour coconut water for future use 3 use gelatin slices with waterDip softly and add 4 to milk and add sugar and coconut milk, heat over low heat and stir, wait until the white sugar dissolves, take care not to boil, then pour the spare gelatine slices, stir and dissolve, then mix with the coconut water from step 2, and then air dryDry until warm!

5 Wait to dry until warm, pour the slurry into coconut, refrigerate for more than 6 hours, and wait for it to condense!

Coconut jelly method two raw materials need a coconut, milk, coconut milk (ps: coconut milk can also) gelatine slices, white sugar, I made a coconut jelly, about 250g coconut water, 100g milk, 100g coconut milkThe right amount of white sugar, according to your taste. Step by step is to open the coconut. You can ask a clerk at the fruit shop to cut a hole for you and then come back to make the hole larger. The second step is to drink coconut water.Coconut milk, milk, white sugar are mixed together. The third step is to boil. The fourth step is to soak the gelatine slices to become soft. The fifth step is to mix the gelatine slices with coconut juice and pour into the coconut. Refrigerate.You can eat delicious coconut jellies in 6 hours or more. How to save coconut jellies? How to keep refrigerated or frozen? It is recommended to refrigerate. Frozen may appear coconut ice. Coconut jelly is made from fresh coconuts in Southeast Asia. Coconut juice is removed first, and then the shell is washed with water or lemon water.Coconut pulp is filtered and added to milk, then coconut milk and coconut milk are added to the natural seaweed extract (for coagulation) to make a gel-like coconut jelly, and then poured back into the coconut shell閲?

Therefore, it tastes rich milk, sweet coconut juice and cold taste.