[Confinement meal second week recipe]_ diet conditioning _ diet taboo


[Confinement meal second week recipe]_ diet conditioning _ diet taboo

Most women experience the process of pregnancy and birth.

Natural delivery and caesarean section are two common methods of female production in the medical field today, each with its own advantages and disadvantages.

In fact, no matter which production method is chosen, the most important thing is the post-partum mother’s physical rehabilitation. After the delivery, it is often the most vulnerable period for women’s bodies, and long-term bed rest is required. Food selection is also critical.

So how to choose a recipe for the second week of confinement meal?

The recipe for the second week of the maternal enters the second week of the confinement. The mother’s wound is basically healed. The recipe mainly enhances bone and lumbar kidney function and restores the pelvis.

After careful conditioning last week, my appetite should improve significantly.

At this time you can start to try to eat more blood tonic food, conditioning blood.

The second week (visceral contraction week): meal function: contraction of the uterus, pelvic cavity, focus on lumbar rehabilitation, pelvic rehabilitation, promote metabolism, and prevent back pain.

1. Biochemical soup: Caesarean producers must drink until the fourteenth day, 300cc daily; those who are born will not drink.

2, fried pork loin with sesame oil: two bowls a day, two in total, fried with roasted ginger and flax oil.

3. Sweet sticky rice porridge or longan porridge: one bowl daily.

4, red bean soup: two bowls daily.

5. Oil rice: one bowl daily.

6, fish soup: mullet, catfish or yellow croaker, roasted flax oil at low temperature, rice alcohol water, cooked with roasted ginger, one per day.

7, confinement drink: Eucommia tea, or lychee shell tea, or longan wolfberry tea, thirst-saving body as a place to boil water, two cups a day, a total of about 600cc.

8. Vegetables (choose vegetables of mild character, mainly red vegetables, such as: carrots, Guanyin or red amaranth, spinach): made of flax oil, two servings a day.

9, renren rice: two bowls a day (if you ca n’t eat it, do n’t force it, you can choose pasta).

10, papaya tea: for those with little milk.

The second week of postpartum diet is contraindicated. Do not overeating. After eating the baby, the mother consumes less time and energy. The body can’t eat it naturally. She doesn’t pay much attention to many foods and her appetite becomes poor.

But by the second week, the body was slowly recovering, and many mothers had better appetite than before. When they saw the food they loved, they started eating and drinking, but the new mother still needs to pay attention to herself.Your body cannot eat and drink, and overeating. This will make your mother more and more plump.

It’s not good for post-partum recovery. If you store a lot of meat at once, it will not be so easy for the beauty mother to reduce it.

Do n’t eat too much chocolate. Many mothers like to eat some chocolate. It ‘s okay to eat some chocolate in the second week after delivery, but mothers should never eat a lot. Chocolate is a kind of cocoa butter and cocoa butter.As a main ingredient of sweets, theobromine contains medicinal properties such as diuretics, exciting myocardium, relaxing blood vessels, and relaxing smooth muscles.

It can enter the baby’s body through breastfeeding, damage the baby’s nervous system and heart, cause the baby to sleep unsteadily, and cry constantly.

Moms think about it, the baby will bother you if you don’t sleep in the middle of the night.

So just eat chocolate in moderation.

Do not eat too many hot tonics. In the first week of medicated diet, many supplements cannot be given to the mother immediately. Finally, the first week has finally passed. For the mother’s body to recover quickly, the family usually gives newMy mother added some special supplements, such as hot tonic, medicated diet is indispensable.

The mood of supplementing the new mother is understandable. Many supplements can still be given to the new mother. These supplements are not good, but like hot tonics, the medicated diet cannot be overdone.

Too much food will cause the new mother to get angry and cause internal heat, which will disrupt the body’s diet balance, cause some diseases, and affect the new mother’s postpartum recovery.